Finding out who you want to be..?

Almost a year ago I decided to move into the UK. It’s not that I just thought about it a year ago for the first time, I’ve been dreaming about this since I was 12 or 13. So every time  anyone asked about my future plans or who I want to be I couldn’t answer them. I couldn’t even answer myself. Cause I simply didn’t know. And I still don’t… The only thing I could tell them and was sure about was moving into the UK to start university. So I did…

I know there are a lot of people out there struggling with making up probably the hardest and most difficult decision of who they want to be. But it’s not only the case of who they want to be as a profession but also who they want to be as humans. But it’s okay, there is plenty of time to decide and it won’t always be what we are really looking for in the first place. Seeking also means an awful lot of bad attempts that may end up being complete failures. And it’s also okay. You will eventually find out something for yourself and then you will never want to let it go, I promise.

I used to be very self-conscious due to the fact that I didn’t know. It was a bit disappointing when all my friends knew who they want to be and I didn’t. But it’s not true! The is an awful lot of people in the same position 🙂 For some it may be a bit reassuring and helpful but it also means that people are different and it’s about time that we accept that.

Currently I’m studying Psychology with Health and Social Care at one of the British universities. I’ve first started with Psychology and Criminology, then in October 2016 changed into what I’m doing now but still the past few months made me wonder if I should change it again.. As to Psychology, I like it, I’m really fascinated by it and that’s why I’m studying it but am I going to be a psychologist in the future? I don’t know yet…

So do what you love, study what you’re interested in and live your life the way you want. Try not no be afraid of new experiences. I know how hard it can be, but give it a try ♥